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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The Energy of Education awards the best Universities within the framework of CASE-IN International Championship

The 2017 Energy of Education award will acknowledge the best universities of Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia for superior organization of qualifying stages of the Fifth CASE-IN International Engineering Championship. This competition has started its work in Yekaterinburg, on February, 28. The championship is the only one practice-oriented industry education project for students of fuel, energy and mineral complex. About four thousand students and experts participate in it.

Recall that the competition decides the promising students of mining, electric power, exploration, metallurgy, oil and gas specialties. The Championship is based on the method of cases and takes place in the form of conferences in the leading universities. The Championship, in particular, has started in the Ural Federal University and the Ural Mining University.

During the opening ceremony, the Global Energy Association`s President, Igor Lobovsky, spoke about the achievements of the Global Energy Prize as well as highlighted the bright and inspiring experience of the 2011 laureate, Arthur Rosenfeld:

"There are scientists, whose fame is based on the applied nature of their work. Arthur is one of them. I will put you an example. We have learned in the the school physics course, that if the object that we see is white - it reflects almost everything and it is less heated. If the object is dark is means that it absorbs almost everything, so it gets heated more. However, our knowledge did not turn into something serious. However, this scientist was thinking in a different way.  Being an energy advisor to the famous Californian Governor Arnie Schwarzenegger, he convinced him about the efficiency of painting the roofs in white color. California has spent about $ 3 billion, but the effect amounted to $ 10 billion. I bet you have already understood why I have chosen this example. If you are a true patriot, if your brain is concentrated on solving problems, rather than writing articles or a PhD, then you will attain the effect for the region, country and for yourself", Igor Lobovsky told.

He also recalled that the Global Energy Prize annually awarded by the President of Russia for outstanding scientific achievements in the energy sector, is not the only project of Association. The most important directions of its activities also include work with the young generation of power engineers and popularization of energy science.

"We have more than 10 programs; most of them are aimed at young audience. They are called the Energy of Kids, the Energy of Start, the Energy of Knowledge, the Energy of Youth and the Energy of Breakthrough.  Participate, win, get a million prize and success will be yours!", cheered Lobovsky.

The Energy of Education is a mutual program of the Global Energy Association and the Youth Forum of Mining Leaders, Non-profit Partnership. It was initiated in 2013 within the framework of Case-in International Engineering Championship.

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