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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The winner of the Energy of Breakthrough will get one million rubbles for the improvement of the IС engine

The results of the III All-Russian contest of implemented innovative projects in the field of energy, the Energy of Breakthrough was summed up. The young innovator, an associate professor of the Ural Federal University named after the first Russian president B.N. Yeltsin, Leonid Plotnikov - became the winner and he will get the reward in the amount of one million rubbles for the increase of power and efficiency of internal combustion engines. His technology not only improves the performance of engines, but also solves the environmental problems facing humanity.

Today, internal combustion engines (ICE) are the most common source of energy in the world (from the category of thermal engines) and they are used in all branches of the economy: transport (cars and trucks, dump trucks, agricultural machinery, diesel locomotives), aviation (drones, small aircraft ), the navy (surface and submarine ships), as well as the small power (power plants based on ICE). Note that the total installed capacity of ICE predominates all stationary power plants in the world in 5 times. In Russia are produced and operated a large number of ICE. It is especially relevant in the Arctic, where there are no thermal power plants and where ICE is the only source of energy. Therefore, optimization of ICE work processes and designs is one of the primary tasks not only of the Russian but also of the world energetics.

Leonid Plotnikov developed 4 original technical solutions (7 patents) for different engine systems (intake and exhaust, supercharged and unsupercharged). These innovations are already in demand by a large number of factories and enterprises operating ICE. Particularly, at the Ural diesel-engine plant, separate prototypes of engines based on the developments of the scientist were created.

The technology, proposed by a young scientist for unsupercharged engines, allows to increase the plant capacity to 15%. For example, the engine power of 100 kW after the modernization of the intake and / or exhaust system increases to 115 kW. This ensures the steady running of the engine itself. The undoubted advantage of the development is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere due to more complete combustion of fuel. Under certain engine operating conditions, CO2 emissions are reduced to 15%.

For supercharged engines, the winner of the Energy of Breakthrough developed 2 solutions: for exhaust and intake systems. In the first case - a special device allows you to better clean the engine cylinder from the exhaust gases, which leads to a decrease in specific fuel consumption by an average of 1.5% and an increase of the engine efficiency to 2%. This also makes it possible to reduce the total fuel consumption by approximately 2 kg/h for an 1,000 kW engine. Thus, with the annual operation of the car, fuel costs for one car owner are reducing by around 500 thousand rubbles. In general, for Russian this means a multi-billion dollar saving. The second solution (for the intake systems) is the installation of a special valve, which, due to its functions, aligns the engine, reduces its smoke, and also leads to silent operation and eliminates its overheating.

Leonid Plotnikov believes that due to the widespread use of ICE, their optimization is very important: "I will not dwell on the results achieved, I plan to develop a new engine with upgraded systems and bring them to the market. Therefore, the Energy of Breakthrough Award will inure as a significant impetus to my further development and, I hope, to new scientific discoveries! "- states the scientist. He sees the main directions of his activity in increasing reliability, economy, and, what is most important - ecological compatibility of ICE, in order to meet the new challenges facing humanity in the course of global processes.

Recall that the Global Energy Association established the program the Energy of Breakthrough in 2014. The participation is allowed for Russian scientists who is under the age of 45. Innovators from all over Russia take part in the contest. In 2017, the most part of works was sent from St. Petersburg, Tomsk and Sverdlovsk regions. It is expected that the winner of the Energy of Breakthrough program will be awarded on October 4 in Moscow within the framework of the Russian Energy Week - 2017. As a reward, the young innovator will be awarded with RUB 1 mln. Note that this is not a grant!

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