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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Kazenergy-2017: ecology - priority of the energy agenda

September 8, Astana hosted the international forum Kazenergy 2017 within the framework of the Russian day at EXPO. Leaders of the energy sector spoke at the event: the laureate of the Global Energy Prize 2017 - Michael Graetzel and members of the International Award Committee - Rae Kwon Chung and Stephen Griffiths. Angelina Davydova, Director of the Russian-German Bureau of Environmental Information and Remigijus Lapinskas, President of the World Association of Bioenergy (WBA), also attended the discussion. A member of the Supervisory Board of the Association, Russian economist and Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Arkadiy Dvorkovich, opened the session.

Ecology will become a priority for the energy agenda, experts consider. The discussion began with the speech of Arkadiy Dvorkovich, in his speech he particularly noted the increase in the growth of renewable energy sources at the Russian market. "Within 3 to 4 years, we will have a fully functioning business in the field of renewable energy sources. In the coming years, we plan to significantly improve the effectiveness of this sphere in Russia. Energy storage technologies are also an important aspect that we are ready to develop. Now we are actively cooperating with our foreign colleagues, mastering new developments for the benefit of the global future "- stressed Arkadiy Dvorkovich in his speech.

Laureate of the Global Energy Prize - 2017 Michael Graetzel shared his vision on the future of the energy industry in his video message. The scientist noted that natural growth of renewable energy sources should occur in the coming years, this is inevitable, since every year the ecology is more and more susceptible to pollution. Michael Graetzel believes that, first of all, the future belongs to the energy of the sun and wind. It is exactly what the human must learn how to extract and make available for everyone. In this context, we recall that the excellent development prospects are for the invention of Michael Graetzel: he invented photocells that simulating the natural process - photosynthesis occurring in plants. "In their research, scientists should go further and the next big question for studying is whether it is possible to get fuel instead of electricity, for example, ethanol or methanol?", professor comments the working process of his team.

Member of the International Award Committee, Steven Griffiths talked about how the sphere of energy developed and changed from its very sources to the present day. The greatest growth was marked by such sectors as coal, oil and gas. The expert noted that all actual environmental problems were caused by our traditional energy system, and today humanity has to reconsider it in order to avoid a collision with serious consequences. Steven Griffiths is confident that we need energy that meets the requirements of sustainable development. "Today, big expectations are placed on alternative energy sources, but there is still a long way to implement and adapt the new energy system," said Professor Griffiths.

Member of the International Committee on the award of the Global Energy Prize, Rae Kwon Chung believes that the adoption and mastering of the Clean Energy by human is the only true solution capable of preventing a global ecological catastrophe. Speaking about the departure from the practice of burning traditional energy sources, which leads to a constant emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the expert is sure that such a transition will not happen automatically, to implement it, companies in the field of alternative energy needs incentives. "Also, in order to assess the long-term rates of economic growth of clean energy, we need another kind of economy, which can be called Climate Economics; it will be oriented to long-term forecasting of economic growth. This is exactly what we all need to strive for "- summed up the expert.

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