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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

21st December

The scientists from Krasnoyarsk promised to the equipment the “eternal youth”

The young scientists found out how to “prolong life” of the hydroturbine equipment. They are among the winners of the XIII All-Russian contest of youth scientific projects “The Energy of Youth”.


20th December

Global energy: A long farewell to the hydrocarbon era

Balancing growing demand with the need to tackle climate change is the key challenge facing the world. By 2050, global demand for energy will have grown by 50 percent, according to scientists.


16th December

Der lange Abschied vom fossilen Zeitalter

Die globale Nachfrage nach Energieressourcen wird bis 2050 deutlich zunehmen. Darüber waren sich die Teilnehmer des diesjährigen Global Energy Prize Summit einig.


13th December

The world energy stress

The Global Energy Prize Summit’ 2016 took place in the end of November in the framework of the V international forum on energy efficiency and energy development ENES-2016.


13th December

How to respond to stress

A new energy order should become the response to the challenges. This conclusion was made by the leading scientists from various countries and the Prize laureates in the course of the Global Energy Prize Summit in Moscow.


1st December

Alexey Kontorovich: “If one does not have a brain, it will be impossible to use others’ ”

The scientist urges to change the government’s attitude to geological exploration


29th November

New energy paradigm and technologies – the response to the stressful global energy development

The Global Energy Prize Summit`2016 took place in Moscow and became the key event of the V International forum on energy efficiency and energy development ENES 2016.


28th November

Lower the degree

Nowadays tackling the issue of global warming is mainly aimed at the so-called “two degrees purpose”: the average temperature on the planet must not increase more than two degrees compared to the pre-industrial level. This aim requires decrease of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.


25th November

The expert: if we stay inactive, by the end of the century the climate change will destroy humanity

The expert from the Republic of Korea is convinced that people are those who 95% responsible for the global warming


24th November

Three million rubles for innovations in energy: “The Energy of youth” winners have been awarded in Moscow

The awarding ceremony took place in the framework of the 5th International forum on energy efficiency and energy development ENES 2016


21st October

Rae Kwon Chung: sustainable development requires profound change of political and economic thinking

Mr. Rae Kwon Chung – the world-renowned expert on the sustainable development and climate change issues, the author of “green growth” (“green economy”) concept. This concept substantially complements the strategy of sustainable development, the basic principle of which is economic growth while maintaining the ecologic balance for the benefit of future generations.


24th September

Eyes on the prize: A greener future for the planet

Russia's Global Energy Prize has become a benchmark for scientific advance. As part of Russia’s attempts to address global pollution, in 2002 its leading scientists established the Global Energy Prize to honor and reward scientists from around the world for developing cleaner energy technologies. The value of the prize is 39 million rubles ($600,000), and this year’s award went to the Russian researcher Prof. Valentin Parmon.


3rd September

Brighter and More Efficient Together

“Brighter Together” – that was the slogan of the first All-Russia Festival of Energy Saving and Efficiency, which started on the 2nd of September. The theme is quite topical, that is why it was supported by the RF Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Education, National Committee for BRICS Research, the Global Energy Prize laureates and a number of youth, social and research organizations.


24th June

Chemical ovation

The academician proved that renewable energy can be not only effective but also cheap.


24th June

Science without magic

Valentin Parmon speaks on the role of catalysis and photocatalysis in the industrial progress.


17th June

Academician Valentin Parmon: We make magic wands

A prominent scientist told, for what he was awarded the Global Energy Prize and about the prospects for alternative energy.


17th June

Igor Sechin presented the gold medal of the Global Energy Prize to Valentin Parmon

The prize is given “for a breakthrough development of new catalysts in the area of petroleum refining and renewable sources of energy as a principal contribution into the energy of the future”


16th June

"Global energy" and "Power machines" will collaborate to prepare young specialists

According to the General Director of "Power machines", the Global Energy Prize will be a good incentive for the employees


14th June

The Russian scientist will be awarded the Global Energy Prize for the fuel know-how

Valentin Parmon will receive the state award from the President at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on June, 17th.


27th May

Key energy technologies upto 2040

Granit of science: The Global Energy Prize laureates and the GEP International Award Committee members have determined key energy products and technologies the emergence and commercialization of which will contribute to the intensive development of the global energy field.


15th May

Breaking ground for a groundbreaker: the first Allam Cycle power plant

On 9 March, NET Power – a collaboration between Exelon Generation, CB&I, and 8 Rivers Capital – announced it had broken ground on a first-of-a-kind power plant that will demonstrate the Allam Cycle. This novel concept (described by its inventor, Rodney Allam, in Modern Power Systems, May 2013 issue) employs oxyfuel combustion of gaseous fuel and supercritical high pressure carbon dioxide as the working fluid to drive a turbine, with the inherent elimination of all atmospheric emissions without requiring expensive, efficiency-reducing “add-on” carbon capture equipment.


18th April

The Question Remains Open

Will Elon Musk receive the Global Energy Prize from the President of Russia? For those who do not follow the trend: Elon Musk is a famous innovator, the "father" of a number of ambitious and successful projects in space and on Earth: Pay Pal and Space X, Powerwall batteries and Hyperloop vactrain, Mars Colonial Transporter and Futurism electric plane... And, of course, the revolutionary electric car Tesla.


16th March

Shining a light on energy efficiency

The Global Energy Prize laureate Shuji Nakamura explains how his invention of blue LEDs is helping solve global warming.


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